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I call one of my co-workers a little fashionista. I call her little because she wears a size 2. She always has on a very cute outfit no matter the season...and she happens to be Chinese. The seasons don’t affect her unlike me. When the winter months come along my style gets a little frumpy because my main goal is to stay as warm as possible. From what I’ve noticed I feel like most Asian women have this sense of style that other women don't have...especially in New York City. 

A few days ago my co-worker had a cute top on and I asked her where she had bought it. She said she bought it on an Asian website that I wasn't familiar with. I told her how I ordered a few things from a particular Asian website before and it took so long to be delivered to me that I totally forgot what I had ordered when it finally did arrive. She said yeah they take a while to come sometimes but I received my dress from there so quickly. 

She showed me a picture of her in this navy blue formal dress that she had bought online a few weeks before. I wondered where she was planning to wear this dress too. She said I don't know where I would wear it...I just liked it and I bought it. She is so different from me in that aspect. I buy clothing items when I have a need for them not just because I like something (I’d be poor if I did lol). 

I see where she is coming is actually smart though to buy formal wear if you see it at a good price because it is usually very pricy, you never know when someone will get married, their is a formal dinner party you might have to attend, their is some type of formal anniversary party, or etc. I found about this website called that carries gorgeous formal wear. I wish I knew about it when I was trying to pick out my bridesmaid dresses a couple of months ago. 

They have super cute dresses in every color and shape. One of my favorites that I found is in the picture above. I know where I’ll be going when I need something really nice to wear to a formal occasion and for decent prices. I would just think of it as an investment because evening dresses NZ like these you can have for a life time as long as you can fit in it…now that’s a whole different post for another day check this out click here.

Look of the day


Forever 21 sweater
Black skinny jeans, American Eagle Outfitter black jeans
Black ballet flats
Colorful Beaded bag, Accessorize
Long gold triangle earrings
Top: Forever21…..Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters..…Shoes: Marshalls.....Bag: Accessorize…..Earrings: Street vendor in NYC