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Natural Deodorant
Conventional deodorants have been linked to women developing breast cancer for many years now. The other day I was researching the ingredients in my mother’s deodorant.  I was shocked to find out that some of the chemicals used in deodorants are considered extremely dangerous, they can cause cancer, and some are even banned in other countries! 

I stopped using regular deodorant months ago because I knew of its harmful affects.I use a deodorant that is just natural crystalized mineral salts and it does not contain any added chemicals. I must admit that I do have to freshen up again by the mid afternoon but its fine with me because I'd rather do that than get breast cancer. 

I think everyone should use natural deodorant and stop putting heavy metals and other crap into their body through their arm pit! Sweating is not that bad people, that is one way your body gets rid of harmful chemicals. Go out and buy yourself some natural'll thank me some day!


  1. Oh wow. I had no idea! Never paid attention to what goes into making deodorants....great post!


  2. That's my next step ! After cleaning my kitchen from all the junk, I need to start looking at the ingredients of my beauty products.

    I need to get my hand on a very good deodorant that doesn't containt all that crap. I looked in the supermarket and surprise surprise, every product had aluminium or alcohol. Unbelievable. We've known for years how bad these chemicals are, but they (the brands) do absolutely NOTHING. They simply don't care.

  3. Lavilin is a great consideration!! - you can buy product directly on their website.

    Been using it for years and years, and I'm in looooove with the brand!



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